Molly Knight Forde

Concert Pianist, Piano Teacher, Accompanist

I believe each person is different in their learning style, so I cater my teaching to them. My goal is to allow someone to have proficient reading skills and ample technique as quickly as possible so that they can enjoy the music they are seeking to play.  – Molly Knight Forde

I have been playing the piano since I was 10 years old and found that it can be a wonderful creative outlet. I have been teaching and performing professionally for over 25 years. My greatest wish is to pass this knowledge onto others through one on one personalized lessons. I have had the great fortune to have studied with some of the best pianists in the world, and from each have gained insight into how to play the piano without tension, without fear, and with heart. I have degrees from The Cincinnati Conservatory, University of Washington and the Schola Cantorum in Paris, France.

I believe each person is different in their learning style, so I cater my teaching to them. I use various method books in the beginning like Faber and Faber or Hal Leonard series and then move into more interesting repertoire. My goal is to allow someone to have proficient reading skills and ample technique as quickly as possible so that they can enjoy the music they are seeking to play.

Music has played an important role in my life and offers a joy I will have the rest of my days. Playing with other musicians is also one of the greatest pleasures in life.

Learning to play the piano

Learning to play the piano requires a serious commitment to lessons and practicing. It is a means of acquiring self discipline, and this is the only way to good  results. The amount of practice time depends on the individual, their particular learning skills, and how long their lesson time is.

Daily Practice is important. Home environment should be conducive to a student’s success in this area. I reserve the right to dismiss any student for lack of progress due to poor practice habits and attitude. Parents will be notified if there begins to be a problem in order to try to rectify the situation.

Learning to play is much more successful if ample progress is made. The the student gains confidence and inspiration as their skills improve.

30 minute lessons

suitable for ages 5-8
  • Suitable for ages 7-10
  • Includes 4-5 lessons per month
  • requires one semester commitment
  • good place to start learning to play piano
  • piano skills
  • fun instruction

45 minute lessons

suitable for ages 8-10
  • Suitable for ages 9 -13 or beginners
  • Includes 4-5 lessons per month
  • requires one semester commitment
  • good place to start learning to play piano
  • piano skills
  • sight reading

Concert/Audition Prep

special series of intensive lessons
  • Designed specifically for students preparing for performance or audition
  • Three 2 hour sessions
  • Work on specific pieces
  • Improve mastery and delivery
  • Stage Presence
  • Audition practice

About Molly Knight Forde

Molly Knight has been teaching students of all ages for 25 years with success both in the competitive field as well as recreational music. Her success in private teaching results from her enthusiasm for music, emphasis on the mind body connection and her strong relationship to the individual student and their particular needs. As a result, her students have won many awards in local festivals.

She focuses on technical ease at the piano, a beautiful sound, and playing from the heart. She is experienced and educated in the Alexander Technique and the Dalcrose Method. Theory, improvisation, and sight reading are woven into the lessons and separate ear training and sight reading classes are offered along with private lessons.


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Molly Knight, pianist, is an acclaimed performer and recording artist whose attention to subtle nuance and color have ranked her among the finest musicians.  She has performed as a solo pianist across the U.S. and in Europe, and has broadcast live on Radio France, Antenne 2, National Public Radio and regularly on KING FM.  Ms. Knight was the recipient of the Diplôme de Virtuosité at the Schola Cantorum in Paris, where she studied with the late Gaby Casadesus.  She also holds Performance degrees from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and the University of Washington. Her teacher include Bela Siki, Elizabeth Pridonoff, and Frank Heneghan.

Ms. Knight currently serves on the faculty of the Seattle Girls’ Choir, free lances as a professional collaborative pianist, and maintains a private teaching studio in Seattle. She is a certified member of the NMTA, WSMTA, and performs regularly for the Ladies Musical Club.

With her husband, she facilitates a global meditation school, regularly performing the music of Thomas de Hartmann and Gurdjieff.

Her CD’s “The Art of Dance” and “French”  are available at, cdbaby, and itunes.

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Molly has provided our daughter with a positive piano experience that is built on a foundation of music appreciation.  She has taught our daughter technique, offered challenge appropriate to her skill and developed feeling and relationship to music.  – Michelle Golingo

I started taking lessons from Molly about 1 & a half years ago. I am an adult student who took piano lessons throughout my childhood and continued to play for fun as an adult. Molly has helped me pick back up more serious practice & was able to identify areas that I needed to work on. My lessons are always targeted to those areas. Molly is an incredible teacher who is energetic, positive & knows how to individualize lessons. I look forward to each of my lessons & always leave feeling better than when I arrived. Molly has helped me re-discover the enjoyment I had studying piano as a child. I can’t say enough good things about Molly as a teacher. And I can finally play Claire de Lune-something I had been trying to teach myself for six years!    – Eliza G.

Our son has been taking music lessons from Molly for over 2 years and they have been great. She is able to provide exceptional motivation along with positive fun lessons that really make the difference in helping our son to achieve higher results in his piano performance.  Roman O.

Molly has been a tremendous teacher and coach in the five years since she first started teaching my son. She’s passionate, demanding, encouraging, incredibly knowledgeable, good-hearted – and full of smiles. If you have a child who’s talented and willing to work hard, Molly is the one to help them realize their potential. Her love of music is infectious for students of all ages.

– Mark Bryant

Molly is an amazing music & piano Teacher! Her approach with children is delightful. She is both encouraging & motivates students while maintaining high expectations with an affectionate and professional demeanor .  My 10 year old has been studying with her since the fall of 2012 and has made amazing progress in her ability to play piano & read music thanks to Ms. Knight.  – Suzette C.

Miss Molly helped me fall in love with playing piano, and immersed me in all sorts of different music. She didn’t just teach me music, she taught me to be musical.

The first thing she taught me was to loosen my wrists! Miss Molly also taught me how to use my fingers. These small technical things may not seem important, but they are just as important as everything else. The way your fingers move and how loose your wrist is won’t be noticed by the average listener, but you will feel it.

Miss Molly suggested I enter a couple of competitions and festivals. I got an honorable mention and an Outstanding Achievement award, which I credit to Miss Molly.   Meera Schroff Feldman, Age 10

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